3 Reasons why you shake like a leaf when lifting

3 Reasons why you shake like a leaf when lifting. If you find yourself shaking while lifting there could be some fundamental things you are doing wrong.

Going Too Heavy Too Soon

If you are new to the gym, I know it boring, lighten the weight no one is going to be impressed when you but 10KG on the bar and struggle to do three reps. If this sounds like you, you need to lighten the weight and focus on form. This is vital because you will be learning incorrect form and it has been shown that it take your body 1000 repetitions to learn a movement and 7000 to relearn a movement. If you focus on form now you will save yourself a load of time now. Plus if you are new to the gym this is the time where your body will explode if you have good consistent foam, too many people let their ego get in the way and lift too heavy too soon.

Weak Stabilizing Muscles

When you are doing any movement your body will be adjusting without you thinking about it. The muscles responsible for keeping you from fall over and holding you upright are called stabilizing muscles. When you think of these muscles the one that come to mind is the rectus abdominis which is the blocky abs on your stomach however it is much deeper than that (But we focus on the rectus abdominis because they are visible if you have low body fat). An example, there are to muscle that act like a natural weight lifting belt they are called the internal oblique and transversus abdominis. These muscles are responsible for keeping intra-abdominal pressure while you are doing standing movements (squat deadlift overhead press). A great exercise the strengthen these muscles is the plank. I like to do a 60-second plank at the end of every workout.


Bodybuilders are known for beeing inflexible and we should all allocate more time to stretching than we do. If you are inflexible you will struggle to get into the lower portions of the lift. The movement this is most apparate in is the squat. Because we sit around all day our hips and hip flexors get extremely tight and prevent us from going into a full depth squat and when our body struggles some of us stake. There are two things you can do to stop this. Spend more time warming up this will prevent injuries and make you more flexible for that workout. However, the long term fix is to stretch. Learn what gets tight on you. then find a stench that helps loosen that muscle up.(You could even take up yoga)

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