How to get from 30% body fat to 10% body fat.

First, you need to know what your starting point is this will help you to determine what you need to do.

So first things first you need to know what your current macros. So download myfitnesspal and track your macros for a week. This app is going to make your life so much easier just download and get it a go and you will see what I mean. Once you have these numbers keep them safe as you will be needing them later.


In many ways, this is the easiest part of the dieting stage. Partly because this is the time where you will see dramatic changes in a short amount of time. Plus a lot of the weight you are holding will be water weight which will come of from just cleaning up your diet. You will only be at this stage for no longer than 4 weeks if you are at the upper end of this spectrum. So how do you get out of this stage? Remember the numbers you got in the last week well they are going to be your starting calories each day you are going to reduce this by 50 calories each day for the next 2–4 weeks by this time you will be ready to go onto the next stage of dieting. Your don’t need to do extra exercise at this body fat level but if you have the time I can recommend two training plans Mine (but I may be a bit biased)or if you are looking for a free program go for 5X5 is a good beginners program.


Congratulation you have made it to the second stage of your weight loss journey. Things get a little bit more serious in this stage you still have a lot of leeway in this body fat. You should defiantly consider hitting the gym at this stage, this will allow you to eat more and continue to lose weight fat however you can still get to 19% without going to the gym. For the first week of this stage, you are going to keep your calories the same (do not reduce them)and monitor your weight to make sure that you are still dropping in fat. If you continue on these calories until your progress starts to slow down. Once it does start to slow down (which it will) it is time to drop your calories by 100 calories and you should start to drop fat once more. When you go into a too big of a deficit in calories your body will start to eat the muscle to prevent this we start to monitor your calories and keep you in a 200–300 calorie deficit. May seem pointless now but as you get into the lower body fats you will really start to notice it.


This is the glory stage you will be looking better than you ever have done before and people will start to notice(You will also start to see your abs, exciting). This stage is the hardest yet but you will be so motivated, every day you will be seeing muscles you never knew you had. At this stage we need to start talking about macronutrients the big three are Protein, Carbohydrates and fat this is what makes up your food and just counting calories just doesn’t cut it at this stage. Just as an example if you are 200lbs you will be consuming around 2500 calories a day this is what your macro breakdown should be….

Protein: You should be consuming 1gs of protein per lb of lean muscle mass. This means if you are 200lbs at 15% body fat your lean muscle mass would be 170lbs so you would need to consume 170gs of protein which will be 680. If you are struggling to hit your protein you can supplement with a high-quality whey protein.

Dietary Fat: You shouldn’t drop your fat under 10% of your total calories as this can course hormone issues. You’ll want 15–25% of your calories made up from fat. Personal I like to keep my fat low so I can eat more carbohydrates simply because they make me feel fuller for longer. So carrying on from the example you will be consuming 2500 calories so you would ideally consume 62.5gs which is 500 calories.

Carbohydrates: The rest of you calories are going to be made up of carbohydrates. So to follow the example 680 calories (170g)of protein, 500 calories (62.5g) of fat so this means that you can have 1320 calories (330g) of carbohydrates. You can modify this to your own needs.

At this point, you should be hitting the gym as it will allow you to eat a lot more food and it will also make you look so much better when you reveal the muscles under the fat.

Young Man


The end goal is in sight don’t give up now. Like every other stage, this is the hardest one yet. Nothing really changes but the amount of calories you consume these calories will be taken from your carbohydrates mostly and some from fat. If we keep with the example above 200lbs would now be 185lbs, you would be looking at 2200 calories.

Protein from 170g to 160g not a big change. I like to keep protein high because it will put amino acids into your muscle which in turn will help them stay full.

Fats from 62.5g to 50g again not a lot of change but that will be saving you 100 calories on its own

Carbohydrates from 330g to 290g you may need to go lower than this but again keep the same process. If progress stops reduce your calories if this does happen to track the calories from you carbohydrates.

Something that may help you along the way

Whey Protein- Sometimes it can be hard to get in enough protein and whey can help you to get in the protein. It is a lot better to get it from whole foods but if you are struggling you can always supplement with whey protein. Whey Protein, Over 21g of protein per scoop|RCR Products

My fitness pal- As mentioned before this app is a life saver and makes it so easy to track calories and macros.

Weight loss supplements- These will help slightly with your weight loss goals however you can not trade supplements for a great diet. For RCRs complete weight loss range click the link

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