A Personal Account: How Gym Saved My Life in 90 Days

The Rut

6 years ago, at the age of 21, I was working in a call centre and had been for the previous 4-5 years. I didn’t have much of an education; I was never one to take anything academic seriously. I had become stuck in this average Groundhog Day rut where my job brought in enough income for me to pay the bills and then I’d spunk what was left on going out with my mates at the weekend.

I had established that this was my life and it was about as far as I could see myself going. Maybe I’d make supervisor or manager one day at a call centre. With my lack of qualifications and very little drive it seemed about as good as it was going to get.

One day I split with my girlfriend of 5 years and my world as I knew it seemed to have fallen apart. Unbeknown to me then, this was the start of my wake-up call.

The Awakening

After moping around for the following few weeks, I bumped into my cousin/Uncle (we always called him Uncle). He was very much the black sheep of the family for quite some time as he’d been involved with certain illegal activities resulting in him spending some time in prison. At this point he had finally found his way in life. He was settled down with a family and had two twin girls who he absolutely adored and were his world.

Anyway, back to the story. My Uncle and his mate, who were very much into bodybuilding, asked me to go along to the gym with them. I’d never taken any real interest in the gym but now newly single and going through the “I’ll show her what she’s missing” stage of the breakup, I thought I would go along with them. How hard could it be?

“DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)”

Ok, I found out how hard it was! For the first 2 weeks everything hurt. Everything! It hurt to walk, it hurt to sit, it hurt to straighten my arms and it hurt to bend my arms. This is what is referred to as DOMS, I spent two weeks walking around like a T-Rex that had shit itself. Needless to say “let’s break him in gently” didn’t cross my Uncle’s mind. But being determined to show my Uncle I wasn’t a little bitch (inside my head I was very much ready to accept being a little bitch) and set on bettering myself to show my ex what she was missing, I stuck with it. After a few weeks, the pain goes away and your body becomes used to being put through this stress. At this point I had no idea how life-changing this gift my Uncle had given me was going to be.

After learning the ropes and gaining an interest in the gym I decided that I wanted results. My Uncle used to talk me through the importance of dieting but I was young and had no idea how much effect dieting would have. In the end I listened to him and decided I was going to do this properly.

I was going to do a 90 days body transformation and stick with it and complete it no matter how hard it was going to be.

Transformation of the Body

It was hard! Not so much in the gym, but in the kitchen! You need to do a huge amount of cooking and then the chore of eating dry and boring food day in, day out but you do adjust. Just like the DOMS – after a few weeks you find yourself in a routine and the body and mind accept what is to be done. You no longer eat to enjoy food anymore; that is a link which you forget about. Eating is now because you want results, not because you are hungry or because of the taste. In time, the body and mind accept this. It’s not easy to get to this point but believe me, stick with it. Fight through the wall, fight through the cravings and you will break through to a point where you are happy and content with eating dry, boring food because at the end of each day you go to bed with a sense of achievement due to clean eating. You know you have taken another step towards your goal and are getting closer. In the end, you wake up excited to look in the mirror to see how your journey is going.

The gym isn’t hard at all as long as you have a routine to follow. This is key! Just like the eating situation, after every work out you know you have taken another step towards your goals. There may be times when you feel you could have worked harder but, believe me, next time you will because you start to feel that it’s a waste of a step. The longer the stride, the further you will go. Again, your mind and body will naturally be trained into thinking like this Just like DOMS the diet is hard for the first 2-3 weeks but after that, your mind and body will adjust to your routine and everything becomes easier. Not only that, but at this point you will probably start to see some improvement which then ignites the fire in you to achieve your goals.

I completed the 90 days transformation and I couldn’t believe what I had achieved. To see real results from hard work is life-changing. It had been a long time since I had felt achievement – I’d forgotten how it felt, which seems weird, but that’s how much of a rut I was stuck in. For so long I hadn’t achieved anything in my life. I think the last time I felt achievement like that was winning Man of the Match in Sunday league when I was a kid. I hadn’t achieved in school, I hadn’t achieved in work, but now I really worked hard at something and I could see what I had achieved every morning I woke up and looked in the mirror. Throughout the day, random people would ask ‘What you are doing in the gym?’, ‘Are you on steroids?’ When you go shopping, you now shop for what your body looks good in rather than if the clothes are nice and not to mention the attention from the opposite sex. These are constant reminders that your hard work has paid off and it really works like that. If you work hard, you achieve results and reap the benefits of it.

Transformation of the Mind

After feeling on top of the world with my results, this restored new faith in my own abilities. I’d always been told that I was stupid and so I accepted it. I wasn’t in high sets at school and I was never tipped to achieve anything. After proving to myself that if you work hard you get results, I was confident enough to apply this to my work life. Almost in an “Pain & Gain” movie moment – “You ever just get tired where you are in life?”, I had decided it was time for change. “You need some money to go with that body, man”. Now, kidnapping isn’t a great career prospect so I went back to college to do an access course whilst working. Before, academically, I hadn’t cared but now I wanted to apply my hard-working mentality to college. I did, and it was easy. Just like the gym, I put in the work as I now viewed my education as my business and my future. I wanted results and I knew how to get them because of the gym, so I worked hard. I learnt that if I didn’t understand something from reading books, I would find YouTube videos to teach me and I put effort into everything I did because now I realized that hard work brings results.

I flew through my access course to the top of the class. I had never been top of the class in my life but as I looked around my class, all I could see was the old me. These people didn’t care. They didn’t know that if they worked hard they would get results. I wanted it and I knew how to get it. I then left my call centre job and moved from Essex to Birmingham to go to university to study Computer Forensics. Again, in my first year I finished top of my class with an overall 1st for the year. Second year I achieved the same again; top of my class. Unfortunately during my Second year there was a tragedy.

My Uncle

My Uncle who had become somewhat of a brother to me was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumour and was given months to live, leaving his two ten year old girls without a father. Nonetheless my Uncle was a fighter and fought his way to 15 months which was beyond the 12-14 months expected life span of a stage 4 tumour. He never gave up and would crack a morbid joke to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible at every opportunity he had. He was a great man who had turned his life completely around for the sake of his little girls who he would have done anything and everything for. He took me to the gym which I believe has helped shape the path I am currently on now.

The Product of the Transformation

I truly believe that I am where I am in my life because of my experience with the gym and the body transformation. I’m currently taking a placement year, gaining the best possible work experience I can within my field due to the results I was achieving at university on my way to achieving a first in my degree. As well as this, myself and my partner have also launched our own supplement line: RCR-PRODUCTS.

With the first-hand experience of witnessing how hard work gets you results, it really does change your mind frame and way of thinking in all aspects of your life. It takes just 90 days which is just 3 months of your life to completely change yourself for the better – physically and mentally.

Are You Ready to Make A Change?

To help with the launch of RCR-PRODUCTS I have been working extremely hard to get out of shape, which my Mrs keeps telling me I’ve done very well at. This is all so that I can give back to our customers. I will be going you through the 90 day transformation with you live on Snapchat. I will supply the following:


  • Diet plan
  • Daily workouts
  • Supplement discounts
  • Recipes (don’t expect anything too exciting)
  • Q&A help
  • Hints & Tips


Day by day I’ll be going through the same hill climb with you guys keeping in touch through snapchat and our other social media accounts. You can add our snapchat rcrproducts and the daily stories with all the information from that days work out to what meals to eat will be uploaded to our YouTube channel “RCR products” daily.

If you feel that life has become stagnant, it’s not too late to pull yourself out. It’s time to make a change I’ll show you how and I’ll do it with you!!! Add snapchat: rcrproducts


By Michael Tussaud

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~ In memory of Simon Terry~

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