How to lose fat and look like a fitness model

What do you do you have to do?

Have you ever heard the phrase you can’t out work a bad diet?

If you want to lose fat Diet by far will be the most important part.

In a 2010 study, they compared people who just dieted alone vs. those who only exercised vs. a combination. The diet group lost 8% of their weight, the exercise group lost 2% and the combined group lost 10%. This just helps illustrate the idea.

Think about it, have you ever heard someone who said they were going to start working out. And you see them months later and they look the same or similar? It’s because exercise alone is not that effective.

Where do you start?

First, you need to weight yourself this will give you your starting calories. This number will be useful for calculating calories. You may also want to take starting photos to remind yourself how far you have come.

There are some things you should know:

  1. Newbie gains are a real thing — you will lose fat & gain muscle. This is a magical stage where you will make a huge amount of progress quickly.
  2. When you are higher in body fat your insulin and testosterone levels are sometimes not always the best they can be. When you are leaner your hormone levels are usually better which primes you to build muscle and not add too much fat in the process.
  3. Psychologically being leaner is better “for most people”.

So even if you want to bulk up it may be worth considering losing some fat before you start your bulk.

How much should you eat?

You will not lose fat if you eat too much food that is a fact, there a no fancy diets that will make you lose weight it is simply calories in vs calories out. The most important thing not to do it starve yourself it is unhealthy and you will lose so much muscle.

The Diet

Your starting calories will be between 12 and 16 times your body weight in lbs.If you are looking to lose fat drop your calories 10%-20% below your basic caloric needs. This will need to be recalculated as you get leaner.

Macronutrients — Macronutrients are the nutrients in which your food is broken down there are three main groups. Protein(4 calories per g) Fat (8 calories per g)and carbs (4 calories per g).

Protein: You should be consuming  1gs of protein per lb of lean muscle mass this means if you are 200lbs at 15% body fat your lean muscle mass would be 170lbs so you would need to consume 170gs of protein which will be 680.

Dietary Fat: You shouldn’t drop your fat under 10% of your total calories as this can course hormone issues. You’ll want  15–25% of your calories made up from fat. Personal I like to keep my fat low so I can eat more carbohydrates simply because they make me feel fuller for longer. So carrying on from the example you will be consuming 2500 calories so you would ideally consume 62.5gs which is 500 calories.

Carbohydrates: The rest of you calories are going to be made up of carbohydrates. So to follow the example 680 calories  (170g)of protein, 500 calories (62.5g) of fat so this means that you can have 1320 calories (330g) of carbohydrates. You can modify this to your own needs.

What do you eat? (some examples)

Protein: Beef/Meats, Chicken, Eggs, Bacon, Seafood, Nuts, Seeds, Avocado, Plant source proteins

Fat: Meats, Eggs, Seafood, Bacon, Nuts, Seeds, Avocados, Oils(olive/coconut/avocado) – This is important. Vegetable oils/Canola Oils/Hydrogenated/Industrial Oils are unhealthy, they cause inflammation which negatively affects your gut, your brain and leads to many diseases.

Carbohydrates: I focus on getting most of my carbs from vegetables. If you want you can eat things like sweet potatoes, rice, tubers, whole grains etc.

Fiber – this is important, it helps promote a healthy gut, helps you stay full, and helps your health.

Eat plenty of vegetables. Do not neglect your vegetables. Eat a wide array of colour.

Eat some fruit if you want.

As you noticed I mentioned the gut. The gut is our second brain. It is one of, if not the most important factor in whether we remain healthy or not. Look at any major disease and a factor of it can be traced back to an unhealthy gut.

What should you not eat?
There are some foods that you should stay away from

  1. Excess Sugar. Soda etc.
  2. Processed Carbs – all they are, are sugar.
  3. Soy – although it’s not 100% implicated, there are a lot of areas in the research. The biggest known thing is its link with estrogen. This will hurt your muscle growth.
  4. Trans fat/Vegetable Oils – Processed meat gets lumped in here.
  5. Other chemical enhanced foods with toxins, heavy metals, GMOs, additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers, colouring

It may seem hard. But it’s easy. Eat Real Food.

Focus on food that is naturally raised or grown from the earth. Not made in factories or altered genetically/chemically by humans. Plant and animal based food. Meal timings

Meal timings are not as important as once thought. We have found that there is not such time as an anabolic window and that you don’t need to eat 8 meals a day to gain muscle. Yes, there is research out there that suggests that a meal every 2 hours slightly benefits muscle growth and aids in fat loss however the question you need to ask yourself is “does it fit into my life” if not, don’t do it you will still make great progress eating the standard three to four times a day as long as it is good notorious food.

Drink plenty of water

Water often overlooked water plays a huge role in weight loss and muscle building. It keeps hormone levels stable as well as increase performance. It will also expel excess water (which might seem a bit odd) which will make you look instantly leaner.


These come last on the list and should only be considered if you are 100% committed and are have a good diet. RCR offers two of the best products on the market right now.

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The Workout

I know what you’re thinking what about the workout. The workout is not as important as the nutrition if you training like a machine and eat like a slob you want to make progress simple as that. The workout program I have found most successful is it’s a combination of strength and hypertrophy programming this type of training is the most effective for muscle gains and fat loss.




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