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This package contains everything you need for a great workout and the protein to recover from that workout

Pre-workout- The stack also comes with our signature pre-workout so you will never have a bad workout again. Delivering a huge energy boost and a crazy pump (420gram tub)

BCAA(intra)- A BCAA drink to drink while you workout, improving endurance and muscle recovery

Premium Protein Blend- This is as a post-workout shake, aiding the growth and recovery of muscle

By choosing a stack you will enjoy an extra 10% off compared to buying the products separately

Additional information

Pre-Workout Flavour

Blue Raspberry, Green Apple

BCAA Flavour

Blue Raspberry, Blackcurrent, Fruit Punch

Protein Flavour

Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream, Mint Chocolate, Smooth Bannana, Strewberries and Cream

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